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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Radiation Tretament was May 31st!

I am a bit behind on updating the blog, so here it goes.

On Tuesday, May 31st, I completed my last and final radiation treatment. After 33 treatments, 8 weeks of daily trips to the hospital and a week of dealing with deep burns under my armpit and breast, I can say that radiation treatment is now complete!

Radiation was probably the worst part of my journey to date. The daily trips to the hospital alone were exhausting. The treatment was only about 3-4 minutes which made the drive to and from the hospital and the trek to the locker room more time consuming than the actual treatment.

My doctor asked me around my 30th treatment if I was tired. I told him yes but there is no way that I could contribute it completely to the radiation as I was back at work full time, Rett had been out of the country for two weeks, I was continuing chemotherapy, radiation and had a 5 month old at home. He stood up and shook my hand.

My co-workers, family and friends continue to ask me how I do it all. I think my body is on auto drive at this point, but believe me, I do have my bad days, run out of steam and get maxed out and unfortunately Rett seems to be on the end of it most of the time. But he is the best husband I could ever ask for to support me and Emma during this journey.

Here are some family pictures to capture my last radiation treatment!

Ringing the bell- how liberating!


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