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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Easter in St. Louis!

The Easter bunny found us in St. Louis too!

it looks like Christmas!

mouth full of candy

mouth still full of chocolate

love this

baby coming!

Pluto completes all the characters of  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Easter in Columbus!

While in Columbus we set up two Easter egg hunts...one for Emma and Brecken and one for the adult kids! Taylor and Rett hid the eggs for the kiddos and then the grandparents hid them for us! This is a tradition for our family. Kids search for candy; we search for money.

I only have photos of the kids hunt as it was much more calm, friendly, and easier to capture on camera. At one point during the adult hunt, my brother climbed up my back while I was searching on the bookcase and then dragged me to the floor...sat on me and encouraged Aubree to get my eggs! Probably not a pretty site to have on camera!

Hope you had a great Easter too!

they took turns pushing eachother!

Brecken turns 1!!!

We headed to Columbus in March to celebrate Brecken's 1st birthday! A great weekend to see this little man hit a major milestone. We love you, Brecky!