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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Trip to the Hermann Farm

Another picture perfect day today for a road trip to Hermann, MO. Home of the many Missouri wineries along cobblestone streets, bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, bed & breakfasts and bus loads of tourists. However, with Emma in tow, we traveled beyond the wineries and into the country to have a fun day at the farm. Emma kept asking what animals she would see at the farm. I think she was disappointed to learn there wouldn't be cows, horses, chickens, etc...until she arrived to find heaven with caterpillars, humingbirds, baby birds and the dog, Lucy!

We had 5.5 hours of fresh air and she enjoyed every minute of being outside...riding the gator, throwing rocks in the creek, watching mommy in the tractor, BBQing and her favorite, fishing! Don't miss the video at the end...her reaction is priceless!

baby birdies wanting their mommy to feed them

watching the hungry hungry caterpillar

on the gator

Emma kept saying Lucy was peeking out at her from the mule

throwing rocks in the creek

big rock!

getting my driving lesson

and here i come...brush hog and all

look out South Dakota!

prepping for the big fish

first cast out and she caught one

love how excited she got to see the fish on the end of the pole

another one!

Daddy and Emma

and another one

love the panoramic view

Emma's 3.5 year old Photos

I love capturing Emma's growth through great family photos. Thanks again to Kelly Ferguson Photography and to Kelly for capturing Emma's moods, facial expressions and silly behavior. We went to old downtown Webster Groves for this shoot and loved the quaintness and the city coming together.

just warming up

silly girl

the center of our world

Kelly asked her to pose...look at this, hands on hips and everything!

love the red door

my sweet pea


acting like a birdie

pretty blue eyes