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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Easter 2014

We spent Easter in Kansas City at Mumsy's house. My brother and his family got in late Friday night so Saturday was a leisurely morning with playing and digging in the flower garden. Then we traveled to Shatto Milk Co and dairy farm. The best milk ever! By chance, the dairy owner took us on a private tour and allowed us to milk a cow. Very nice and humbled man.

B was gas attendant while E was helicopter pilot

getting gassed up

love this


getting braver

E would only help Aunt Aubree

the difference between boys and girls

the cow bell and the cow

the tongue helps with balance

look at that air
Then it was time to head to Papa's house to play outside, dye eggs and celebrate Tay's birthday.

naked babies

happy 31st!
I don't have many photos from Easter as Emma was in a bit of a toddler mood plus unfortunately had an accident in her Easter dress...oh the joys of potty training!
Easter Bunny brought a Doc McStuffins doll

B looking dapper

collecting the eggs

we officially have a kids table!
Hope you had a great Easter with friends and family!

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