30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hocking Hills, OH

We took a long weekend and enjoyed some peace and quiet in a state park in Ohio this summer. Cell phones barely worked and we crammed 4 adults and 2 toddlers into a 1.5 bedroom/1 bath cabin. We (our family and my brother's) met my Dad and Marilynn at the KOA as they drove their "camp bus" as Emma calls it.

Although raining and damp all weekend we went on two hikes, a bike ride, swam in the pool and spent a lot of time around the campfire and BBQ grill. The scenery was beautiful!

first hike

getting braver

i have no clue what they were doing here...love it

second hike

bunk beds...this was the half room

at our cabin

down time

the long ride home with all the dirty laundry