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Thursday, October 1, 2015

"Aspen...California, Gorgeous!"

I love the movie Dumb and Dumber and there were plenty of fun references throughout the weekend!
"Samsonite, I was way off!"

One of Rett's high school friends got married in Aspen in early June. Rett and I flew into Denver for a very quick weekend and drove over the Independence Pass (it was still snowing!). The weather was a bit damp and chilly but the rain stopped in time for the reception, and of course it cleared up to a beautiful and crisp mountain morning Sunday for our drive back to Denver.

arriving at Denver

Southwest Airlines and Dunkin Donut promotion- yes please!

driving the big truck...well at least out of the lot - ha!

Leadville, CO

getting closer to the pass
The Little Nell hotel was amazing!

buck meets doe

gondola for mountain outside our hotel

country chic rehearsal dinner
breakfast in town

gorgeous setting for the wedding

look at that clear blue sky as we were driving away

more from the hotel. I even took a nap with the fireplace Saturday morning while Rett fished

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