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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Celebrating 2 Years as a Survivor

Today was the St. Louis Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It was my second time to walk and I got to celebrate two years of being a survivor! When it was time to set up a Team, I had told Rett I wasn't sure if I wanted to participate. As I finished my chemotherapy in December I wanted the year of 2012 to be a fresh start without thinking about the breast cancer...I was afraid that doing the Race would not allow me to do that.

However, after walking with 50,000 of my closest friends today, I was reminded how lucky I am to have great doctors, great insurance, great family, great friends and a great city! And I was happy to celebrate with my fellow survivors and walk for those that weren't as fortunate.

Thank you to all of you that donated to Team Jenna...here's to year 3!!!


Sam Bradford was honorary chair

Jodi and Jenna

headed out on the first stretch...

...and a sea of pink behind us

on the homestretch

Charlene, Jenna and Leanne

With Michael Brockers (1st round draft pick)  and Rokevious Watkins- Go Rams!

We then headed to City Park on the way back to the car.

she liked the ice cream today!

Pi Phi reunion at the Lake

Rett and I headed to the Lake the night before Father's Day to meet up with Tara, Ashley, and Skate and their husbands for a great Pi Phi reunion and fun in the sun!

We coved out in Millionaire's cove, hung out on the dock and continued to hang out at Backwater Jack's. So great to see everyone and catch up...it had been way too long!

Love you all!
hanging at the Lorei's dock

Skate and Craig

Tara and Jamie

the girls

Ashley and Ryan

Jenna and Rett

the guys

Tara and Ashley

our waitress...had to be there

drinking a Pain in the A*s- first time at Lake of the Ozarks!

Future Pi Phis at Pretend House Meeting

We had part of the St. Louis Pi Phi gang together for a Mexican Fiesta hosted by the Jones's. It is funny how the photos shift from us girls to the kiddos. But check out the Missouri Alphas of 2026-2030! What an awesome house of legacies this will be!

I see many angels, wine and silver blue, cookie shines, white dresses, hayrides and sisterhood in their future! Eat your hearts out frat boys!

Lucy and Clara- we missed you!
Vivi, Molly, Lilli, Jetta and Emma

Emma snagging food from Vivi

Alexa couldn't make the meeting but notes were provided

Jetta preparing for her 21st already!

Emma to cheers her on!

love the chaos of this photo- Jetta is laughing hysterically on the floor

Seeing who could be the loudest

they played late into the night...


Rett bowled on his high school bowling team...I know, I give him a hard time. He and his friends are still very serious about this "sport." We tried a couples summer fun league about 4-5 years ago and let's just say they all showed up day one with their balls, their shoes and their handicaps! I made it about three weeks before the fun was sucked out of it because I was dragging the team down in overall points each week :)

Therefore when Rett saw this bowling set for Emma he was all over it!
look at that form!

gutter ball

nice job!

Mumsy comes to Visit!

Mumsy came to visit and brought lots of new toys...butterfly bubbles and a whole gardening set! Emma loved hanging out with her Mumsy on Friday while mommy and daddy went to work; she was hooked all weekend long and got Mumsy more hooked with her sweet hugs and kisses!

My mom took these great photos as they played outside!

Mom and I think this is hilarious!

chasing after the bubbles!


Emma's new sun hat from Mumsy
 We also had a great day playing in the water and coloring with sidewalk chalk.

getting prepared for the beach!

Thanks for the visit, Mumsy! We love you!