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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Future Pi Phis at Pretend House Meeting

We had part of the St. Louis Pi Phi gang together for a Mexican Fiesta hosted by the Jones's. It is funny how the photos shift from us girls to the kiddos. But check out the Missouri Alphas of 2026-2030! What an awesome house of legacies this will be!

I see many angels, wine and silver blue, cookie shines, white dresses, hayrides and sisterhood in their future! Eat your hearts out frat boys!

Lucy and Clara- we missed you!
Vivi, Molly, Lilli, Jetta and Emma

Emma snagging food from Vivi

Alexa couldn't make the meeting but notes were provided

Jetta preparing for her 21st already!

Emma to cheers her on!

love the chaos of this photo- Jetta is laughing hysterically on the floor

Seeing who could be the loudest

they played late into the night...

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  1. We should cancel our girl dinners (for an impromptu fiesta) more often!! Hopefully next time all the little one's can be together!!