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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Memorial Day at the Lake

What a great way to kick off the summer! We headed to the Lake of the Ozarks to relax, get some sun and explore with the new boat.

Emma is such a trooper and loved hanging with her mommy, daddy, Grandpa and Mare Mare! She even napped like a baby as the rocking of the boat and the comfort of the AC rocked her to sleep!

Looking at the boats from the deck...Emma learned how to say "boat" while we were there.

In camo...perfect for a day at the Lake!

Emma and Mare Mare

Emma driving the boat...she has grown so much since this same pose Summer 2011

wishing Grandpa would hang a TV so I could watch Toy Story on a big screen

our precious baby!

Mommy and Emma

Emma is such the big helper!

feeding the ducks!

Emma out!

loving being on the water!

We had one day that was cloudy so we took the opportunity to go get ice cream! Emma wanted nothing to do with her ice cream cone but she loved every minute of playing outside of Andy's Frozen Custard (highly recommend Andy's Ozark Turtle!).

Yay for ice cream!

waiting for her kids cone to only find out she didn't want it

We also took some time to play at the park: go down the slide, swing and Emma's favorite, playing with the rocks!

Emma learned to say "wheee!"

On the front balcony as high as an airplane...Emma loves airplanes and when she sees one she points straight to the sky and says "airplane" even though it was a helicopter most of the time :)
We met up with many friends and family while we were there too. We met up with the Lorei's. We cruised down to their house and then they met us in one of our favorite coves near the bridge to Porta Cima- around the 15 mile marker. I wish I have photos but after Reece locked himself in the bathroom my mind wasn't focused on taking photos. All is well...after about 10 minutes of panic and thinking we were going to have to bust down the door to get into him. We learned a valuable lesson that day!

We also met up with the Berry's. Alison and I work together and we took the Emma Rose to Larry's on the Lake (31 mm)  for lunch and coving out. We had a great boat ride up and back and great time on the water with great new friends.

On Friday, Rett's dad, stepmom, aunt and uncle joined us for a boat ride and lunch on the lake. We ended up at Shorty Pants where the adults got a bit rowdy! Later that night we all BBQ'd at Aunt Pam and Uncle Dick's.

Rett enjoying a Pain in the A*s with a shot of 151...from the table because he spilled it

Emma feeding herself pretend dinner
Rett and I took a morning and went to play golf at Tan-Tar-A. We were the ONLY ones on the entire course...amazing! We ran into a turtle and took a photo for Emma!

while we were golfing, Emma was trying on jewelry!

The Marina had a luau and Emma was the hit of the party! She is so social. She would just walk up to people's tables and say hi or pet their dogs. She looked pretty cute too!

We made some great family memories!

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