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Monday, April 22, 2013

Emma turns 2!

Well, Emma turned two back on January 8th...I am so behind on posting photos. I won't even go into the process with Google to figure out why my account was being blocked from uploading photos. But...I navigated through it and I figured it out via blogs, forums, instant message with Google and without help from Rett! (he is the family IT go to guy)

Anyways, Emma loves Mickey Mouse and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we had a purple Minnie Mouse birthday party with family! I just couldn't go without the purple and pink! I had Dierberg's make the custom cake and when Rett and I went to pick it up I started crying! Emotional to know my baby girl was growing up but the cake was exactly how I pictured it in my head too!

so big!

all layers edible


Hot Dog Dance Party Time

all the proud grandparents!

feeding the baby

tucking the baby in

going nite nite in the sleeping bag

sugar kicking in

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