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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emma's 15 month photos and trip to KC

I was in Kansas City for work back in April and Rett and Emma joined me for the weekend to visit my mom and Dee Dee and Papa. While there we took some time to capture Emma at 15 months! She is quite the little lady now and is walking, running and saying phrases like "bye bye baby."

This photo shoot contains some of the last photos with her Abby shoes. We went to Laurie's and got her the next size last weekend and now she is rocking the Keen's and the pink and white tennis shoes. The Abby shoes were the shoes she learned to walk in and she loves her Abby's. She calls them "Abba." We will be keeping her Abby's in her box to show her when she is older.

Here are some shots of Emma with Mumsy. Mom had just gotten her sprinkler system turned on and Emma loved testing each and every head.

This is my chair from when I was little and Emma loved to climb up into it and sit like a little lady.

looking at the KC Skyline with Mumsy

And here are photos of Emma with Dee Dee and Papa, her great-grandparents! I don't have any photos of it, but she left them lots of blowfish kisses on their windows. Dee Dee and Papa said there was no way they would be washing that window anytime soon!

starting to get some hair!

Little Pookie book with Dee Dee


more kisses!

and even more kisses!

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