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Saturday, November 24, 2012

T- Rex

I sat on the planning committee for an industry conference earlier this Fall and we chose the founder of The Rainforest Cafe to come and speak to us about the importance of branding, staying true to your brand and creating the experience for your brand. I loved going to The Rainforest Cafe as we vacationed in Cancun every summer- the trees, the birds, the waterfalls, the exotic noises, the waitstaff, etc. It totally engulfed every sense.

I didn't know that the same man that created The Rainforest Cafe also created T-Rex restaurant. Same concept...create a theme, fun filled restaurant that will entertain the kids and keep the parents happy.

Oddly enough there is a T-Rex in my hometown of Kansas City (on the Kansas side by the Speedway). Emma and I went with Mumsy, Dee Dee and Papa the night before Emma, Mumsy and I went to California for a girls trip!

Emma called the dinosaurs "Big Nose"

looking up at the giant octopus

painting the dinosaur rice krispie

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