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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas in Kansas City!

It was so great to have Taylor, Aubree and Brecken in KC for Christmas with the three of us, Mumsy (or as Emma calls her now "Yumsy") and Dee Dee and Papa. It was only the second time that Dee Dee and Papa were able to see their two great grandkids together. Brecken is growing up so quickly and it was great to see Emma be so gentle with him- maybe not always patient, but gentle. She even had him playing with Disney princesses by the time he had to go back home!

What great memories! Happy 2nd Christmas to Emma and 1st Christmas to Brecky!


she loved dancing Santa more than sitting on Santa's lap

Mom discovered all these toys in her basement from when Taylor and I were little

love this!


pucker up

I just want to kiss on those cheeks!

love this series

look mom, I got it!

Santa baby

gentle but losing patience

here, try this!

in Papa's special chair

in Papa's special chair

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