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Saturday, May 9, 2015

I Believe I Will See You Again

While Dee Dee was in Hospice care, Mom, Rett, Taylor, Aubree and I created a list of memories. 
Only Dee Dee's closest family members will understand the majority of these, but a wonderful 
way to remember her oneof a kind spirit. We love you and miss you everyday. 
She was the master of the Quiet game
Soft arms
Always carrying her purse
I named her as I refused to say Grandma
Monopoly - I served as her property manager for 10%
Strong willed
The big blue car
She would only turn right at intersections
Thanksgiving on the Plaza
Introducing Emma as 4th Generation
Putting her cheek against chest for hugs
Strong grip...could always open jars no one else could
Always stood on the step above Taylor for hugs
Button Button game- Pick which hand game to go down a stair (Michigan house)
Her whole body giggle
Always questioning the Xmas exchange rules when she was the one that actually made them up
Papa calling her funny duck
Telling us the meal she had at the 5-star resort in Hawaii was "the worst I've ever tasted in my 
whole life"
Her rings/bling (lady at casino buffet calling her a rich bitch)
Drinking too much rum and cokes in Cancun
The stash of tissue papers under her pillows 
Asking (ok, demanding) the white sugar at the restaurant in KC.
Aubree and I taking her to her Dr Appt when Papa was in the hospital...nurse called her name in 
the waiting room: "Who's calling me??!!
Rett calling her out for ordering a water at Taco Bell and then filling up with soda
Playing Yahtzee at Thanksgiving on the Plaza and asking me so innocently "have you ever had a 
Measuring how tall we are on the door to the garage at the Michigan house
Birthday spankings over her knee
And let's not forget the time that she almost ex communicated me from the family for beating 
her in monopoly. 
And asking if Id ever forget Being her partner in Scategories 
Playing along to the tune of the gingerbread house playing at Christmas time. 
Her wicked pop trivia knowledge. She seemed to always know what Jessica Simpson was up to 
Singing to Brecken on the phone- Yeah! She totally sang Brecken to sleep over the phone
when he was in total meltdown mode that one time!
Giving the kids rides on her walker. 
The time she wondered why Nancy had swim noodles in her trunk. Fair question. 
The sound effects/facial expressions/noises she'd make when Papa told stories about their past.
Her taking us to Venture and Price Chopper for errands when we were kids. She'd buy those 
huge bricks of cigarette packs and then put them in the freezer.
Big Red X Barn
Showing her food in her mouth and teaching her grandkids and great-grandchildren how to do it
Wrigley gum in the buffet
Taking notes on index cards of our boyfriends/girlfriends

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