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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another Health Scare

Here was my Facebook post on December 27th:
2014 was a great year- Emma is happy, healthy and busy with gymnastics, swimming and school; Rett loves his job and is busy keeping the deer and duck population in check; I took a new position at Monsanto, finished my leadership course, joined a new non-profit organization and started my own side business...but it is not ending on a high note. I lost my grandma, I spent 8 hours in urgent care, 3 hours in the ER on Christmas Eve and have been down and out for 6 days...looking forward to the doctor's appointment Monday! Need clarity and a plan of attack!

Here was my comment on December 29th:
Thanks for all the prayers!!! Slim to no chance of cancer. We are monitoring for a month and need to do some other follow ups as well or less drastic items. Happy New Year!!!!

January 2015: 
Was in Tampa, FL for key dealer meetings. I was in so much pain I was leaving the meetings to throw up in the bathroom and collect myself before rejoining the team and crying myself to sleep at night. I remember being at dinner with my cousin, Oliver, the night I arrived and I was in so much pain I was in a fog and my brain wasn't triggering...I couldn't remember my own nephew's name. Just odd.

I flew back from FL and immediately went to my OBGYN (my angel whom found my lump in my breast) for another ultrasound. The month of waiting and taking antibiotics didn't change the size of the mass on my ovary and it had actually further blurred the lines between where the mass started and ended. Surgery would be the only way to diagnosis the situation and I had a few days to determine if I was ok with taking my ovary and tube, and the others if needed.

I was so happy to know that it wasn't cancer and probably more like endometriosis, but I was in another predicament where my health issues were dictating how I manage my body. Just four years prior I was in the same hospital with my lumpectomy and chemotherapy.

February 4, 2015:
Surgery Day. I had given permission to Dr. Smith to take what she needed in order to remove the full mass. After waking up, I learned that she removed the mass along with my left ovary and tube. It was also confirmed that it was indeed endometriosis; rare to get after already conceiving and delivering a child...but this body never ceases to amaze me.

My parents came into St. Louis to take care of me while Rett went to work and ran Emma from one activity to another. It took two weeks to start feeling better and I was back at work. Monthly management is my approach to the endometriosis because due to the cancer I can't receive the hormonal based treatment for the other. The saga continues.

love selfies...even in the surgical prep room

beautiful flowers filled my house

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