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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emma's Bum Makes its Debut!

When I was preparing for Emma's 1 Month Photoshoot I really wanted a personalized pair of bloomers. I went to Makaboo Personalized Gifts and found exactly what I wanted...the Kissy Kissy Fancy Pants. Through a journey in itself, Emma is now the face (or should I say bum) of these great bloomers for Makaboo!


The journey:
Cindy Teasdale McGowan is the founder and owner of Makaboo Personalized Gifts. We used to work together at Momentum Worldwide and since we have both left for other adventures, hers in e-commerce.

I had emailed Cindy to see if the bloomers could be created and shipped in time for my shoot with Kelly. They arrived the day before and they were perfect..just what I had envisioned. After sharing the photos on this blog and on Facebook, Cindy fell in love with the photo for more than one reason!

I am amazed at how breast cancer continues to connect me with amazing women!

I am so happy that our journey continues to reach others and brings smiles to faces when times have been better and in this instance "celebrate birth and renewal in the face of uncertainty and human frailty."

Please read Cindy's blog post at:

Thank you again, Kelly for the beautiful photos and Cindy, for the beautiful post!

xo- Jenna

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