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Monday, November 28, 2011

Curious Emma

Emma turned 10 months old on November 8th and she is one of the most curious babies I have ever been around. She is constantly taking it all in, exploring new nooks around the house, touching and feeling all her toys to further discover their characteristics and she is "talking" more and more everyday.

November has been a trying month for the family in terms of staying healthy. Emma was in the emergency room diagnosed with Croup Cough and then I was in the ER 2 nights after her with a stomach viral flue. Needless to say, Rett and Emma came down with the stomach thing too. We were all out of work and school for the week. I then caught her cough and have been battling it for 3 weeks now. Then (no kidding, we aren't done yet) Emma and I caught pink eye over the Thanksgiving holiday. We are hoping that we are on our way to getting healthy before Christmas!

  • She now clearly says two words: "dada" and "uh oh" although some of the time she adds an additional syllable and says "uh uh oh"...it is too cute
  • Emma is starting to say her m's and b's so I am hoping for "mama" soon!
  • She claps on demand and loves to applaud for everyone's great work...even for the contestants weighing in on the Biggest Loser scale
  • She points with her pointer finger to identify what she wants
  • She loves reading books and looking at the photos...she can identify the monkey in the jungle
  • She tells us how big she is (although this might have just been a phase as this quickly died out...thank goodness we got it on video)

  • She started swim lessons at our gym and she is already going under the water and learning how to blow bubbles
  • She is so grinny that she has a smile that goes from ear to ear and dimples that will melt your heart
  • She will mimic sounds and pound the table in the same patterns as mom or dad
Here are some photos.

Emma in her new winter hat

Playing with her toy
Playing at her activity table with Daddy

Doing laundry

Smiling even though she was sick

Getting some fresh air in her wagon after being locked in the house for a week


Pointing to the outside!


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