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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Adventures of an 18 Month Old!

Emma turned 18 months earlier this month. She is definitely creeping into the terrible two's as she knows what she wants when she wants it! And she isn't afraid to let you know. She loves the word no, however does say yes when she wants something.  Rett taught her this look that is to die for...she will put her chin to her chest and stare at you out of the corner of her eyes.

This week at school, I went to pick her up one afternoon and it was just she and her bestie, LuLu. They were coloring at the table and Emma proceeded to color on the table; as I was correcting her and asked her to color on the paper only, she said "Oh, shit." Uh oh!

Emma wants to do things all by herself; and that means eating too...not sure she is ready for spaghetti!

Emma loves to play grocery with her shopping cart, review flashcards, read books and continues to play golf in the living room. Rett has discovered she loves to play a bit rougher with him and he throws her into a stack of pillows on our bed.

We have finally upgraded to a big girl car seat and the bucket seat has made its way to storage in the basement. She is only about 22-24 pounds (18 month check-up is this week) but she is so tall and her legs were getting too long! We actually just noticed last night that she is so tall that she doesn't fit under the kitchen table anymore. Here are more pics of Emma at 18 months.

She continues to be a great sleeper, sleeping 11-12 hours a night (I hope I didn't jinx us for tonight) and will sit in her crib and play with Pink Bear, Albert and Lenny the Lamb until we come in and get her. She hasn't tried anymore to climb out of the crib which helps us sleep better at night. However she has started to get more and  more interested in the potty. We brought up her potty this weekend. Funny pics!

Emma got her first haircut this week as well. She was beginning to develop a rat tail in the back and  peacock feathers on top. She joined me at Jon Thomas and got her first trim...not even enough to save a locket, but enough to make me feel better! She was such a trooper! Here are the before...

Here is the during and after!

She is quite the fish and loves being in the water...whether it be the kiddie pool, the sprinkler, the pool or the Lake! We are having such a great summer with fun in the sun! Here she is prepping for the pool...

And here she is at the pool...

We love you baby girl!
Mommy and Daddy

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