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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oesch Wild West Adventure Part V

After a long day in Yellowstone National Park, we decided to do a short day trip to Ennis, Montana for a day of playing in the wonderful mountain air.

Our friends have a house in Ennis and graciously let us hang out all day...fishing, lounging, running in the grass and admiring the beautiful scenery! It was great to get Emma out of the car and running around. Because tomorrow was going to be another day long trip through the eastern parts of Yellowstone all the way down to Grand Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming.

The beautiful view from the back porch

fly fishing

just enjoying a snack during the beautiful day
Rett in heaven

teaching Emma

we tried for a family pic...Emma wouldn't look at the camera
The next day we traveled to the northern entrance of the Park and took the Eastern track down. We weren't sure if we were actually going to be able to do this as just days prior this road was closed due to forest fires. But they were contained enough to open the road and off we went. Much more wildlife and Old Faithful is a sight to see!

another fly fishing shop- Rett added to his hat collection

the famous northern entrance

nothing like hiking with a sleepy baby girl on your shoulder
but the view was worth it!

pointing at the birds at our picnic site

look at all the bison!

capturing past fire damage in the park

very sad to see all of these trees burnt

by far the biggest tourist attraction in the park

settling down til the next time

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