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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oesch Wild West Adventure Part VII

We have arrived to Hailey and Ketchum, Idaho! The towns in the center of Sun Valley Ski Resort.
Hailey is also home to Rett's headquarters. We were lucky to be able to stay in the corporate condos. Hailey was also effected by forest fires this August and the firefighters were still in town, in camp further containing the fires. By the time we arrived however, many were able to return to their houses and the stores were opening back up for the end of the summer tourist season.

love the open air restaurants
Rett's favorite dinner place in town.
breakfast the next morning before our big bike ride

the bike path around town

pit stop to look at the fish in the river
headed up to the top of the mountain

on the lift
snacks and drinks at the top

cute Ketchum shopping
at the Lodge throwing rocks in the pond

me trying to convince Rett to move to Sun Valley- we look so happy!

We left the next morning to head to Park City, Utah. The last stop on the Oesch Wild West Adventure.

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