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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

13 More Treatments Til Baby Oesch Arrives!

As my close family and friends know, football runs deep in my family and fall is one of my favorite times of the year (very close second to summer since I am a sun goddess). The weather has low humidity, is perfect to be outside and football takes over the air waves- college and NFL.

To celebrate football season and the fact that the Rams are 3-3 (woo hoo, we have won 3 straight home games, the most since 2004!) we had NFL Day  today at my third chemo session! We had a tailgate (well minus the fabulous weather, truck tailgate and the beer, but there was plenty of jerseys,  cupcakes, chips and dip, apples, soda with koozies, balloons and of course Rett's football pillow he has had since high school.

My niece, Cora, even colored in some photos for us to hang on the wall to spruce up my cubicle. I even had my own 1-1 Rams break down delivered via Coach/Analyst Brian Billick. And may I say that he believes the Rams can make it to 8-8 this season; much better than 1-15 last year (we are all missing Mark Clayton but hello Denario Alexander- MIZ!!!)

Here are some photos from the day. We are definitely celebrating have 3 down and 13 treatments to go until we meet our precious baby girl.

Dad with Jenna
Kristen and Jenna with Cora's drawings on the wall

13 more to go!
 A special thank you to Aunt Jo for making the quilt photographed below. It was great to have on hand at this treatment to keep me warm and comfortable in the sterile environment of the hospital, although we do try to have fun with it! Thank you again for your hard work and thinking about me to personally bless it before you sent it. It means a lot to me and Rett.

I have my plastics consultation on Thursday where I hope to get many important answers to many key questions. The current plan is to have surgery (lumpectomy or mastectomy) three weeks after delivery. My main concern is obviously the recovery time and the lack of bonding time with my daughter; I have heard recovery is around 8 weeks for mastectomy and for first few weeks I would be limited to lifting a jug of milk- doesn't quite cut it with a newborn. More info to come soon on the surgery, radiation, third round of chemo and hormone pills.

Tonight Rett, my dad and I went to PF Chang's for dinner and my fortune read: "You have the ability to touch the lives of many people." I do hope that through my blog and sharing my experiences, more and more people can become educated on the effects of breast cancer on younger women (and pregnant women) and why it is so important to continue the fundraising efforts. Oh, and I also learned that you say "salt" in Chinese as "yan." Just in case you were wondering.

Love always,


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  1. what a great fortune to receive! although, it was already coming true - you didn't need the fortune to tell you! :)