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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Story Went a Bit More Public Today

I wanted to document my cancer and pregnancy journey not only for my reference, my families' and our baby girl but to pay it forward to other women battling breast cancer. Through this blog I have been able to reach many people across the nation and share my story.

That story went a bit more public today. I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the St. Louis NBC station, KSDK, to share my journey, my positive spirit and a glimpse into the world of being pregnant and tackling breast cancer simultaneously. There are emotional roller coasters, there are good days and there are bad days but it really is your spirit and attitude that will get you through.

Also, it is very important to me to continue to educate on the importance of annual exams, self breast exams and the basic understanding that breast cancer can happen to anyone. I didn't have any breast cancer history in my family but now we do. And more and more young women are being diagnosed on a daily basis and they too can get through this battle with the support of family, friends and positive attitude.

The link from KSDK's website:
Jenna Oesch battles breast cancer while pregnant
Carrying your first child is one of the most exciting moments in a woman's life. In this MomsLikeMe.com segment, we meet an expecting mother who's dealing with more than just the challenges of pregnancy.

Jenna and Rett


  1. Wow Jenna - great interview! You look beautiful -you too Rett! You both did a great job - can't wait to see you this weekend!

  2. Jenna~ We don't know one another, but your story has touched me. It seems I am hearing of more and more younger women finding out they have cancer. What is up with this?!
    I hear ya in your search for the answer to "why?" I think we all ask that of God at one time or another in our lives. Whether it be from cancer or some other evil which has visited us.
    I am following a blog of a young college student who has cancer and is fighting the fight and determined to hold on to her faith through it all.
    I thought I'd share it with you. Maybe you could encourage one another through these times?
    You are an inspiration and I'm praying for your family that God will bring you through this stronger because of what you've experienced together.


  3. Wow, Jenna- not surprising, you were very graceful and inspirational- all that J School paid off! Rooting for you!!!