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Friday, April 15, 2011

3 Months Old!

I can't believe you are already 3 months old. These 14 weeks since you were born have gone back so quickly. We went to see Dr. McBride on Tuesday and here are your stats:
  • 10 lbs 1 oz (6%)
  • 22" long (6.4%)
  • 14 3/4" head circumference (2%)
The percentages above are based on the full term baby scale; you continue to do amazingly and we are tracking your progress against other full term babies versus preemies. Dr. McBride is so comfortable with your growth that we are to continue to treat you like other babies your age...therefore we will begin feeding you rice cereal with a spoon at 4 months in your highchair!

You have begun to drool a bit more and are beginning to put more and more into your mouth. The main item is your fingers but you love to "kiss" (or suck on) your babydoll and lovie's heads. You continue to stick your tongue out when prompted and you are getting more and more vocal everyday in a fashion that is almost conversation-like. I will ask you a question or make a statement and you will respond with different noises and cooing.

Family friends gave us their jumperoo. We assembled it this week and put you in it. However you are too light and your legs are not near long enough to hit the ground so you can jump. We thought we would try because you love practicing standing up in our laps and your leg muscles are getting so strong. One day you will love this!

We have some big events coming up that bring along a bagful of mixed emotions. I return to work from a 14 week maternity leave on Tuesday and therefore you have your first day of school! I am excited to return to work as I will be tackling some new brands and FY12 is right around the corner! However, I will miss our days together. You change so much everyday that it will be hard to not be a part of it each and every day.

We went to visit your teacher, Ms. Cindy, and you loved every minute of it. She held you for about 40 minutes and you were calm in her arms, even amongst the craziness of 8 babies in one room! You will do great! You will have 2-3 other babies about your age and then you will also be in a room with about 4 others that range from 6 months to about a year old. We can't wait for you to begin making friends, doing art projects, learning sign language, etc. We hope we can keep up with you (thank goodness for the parent take home cheat sheets!)

Here are some photos from the week (taken from my cell phone so not the best quality):

Your Princess tutu for your 3 month birthday photo.

Just looking at Mom

Happy girl after waking up. This is when you smile the most!

Hanging out on your lambie chair.
I love you, Emma.

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