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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Day of School

Emma had her first day of school on Tuesday and she is doing great...much better than mommy is! I call to check on her a couple times a day and every time her teachers report that she is happy. Everyday she practices the following: language arts, cognitive development, creative art, music/movement, motor skills, self-help/life skills and sensory stimulation.

Mommy before the tears began.

Ms. Cindy and Emma in her classroom.

As part of her creative art on Day 1 she applied stickers to a piece of construction paper. Ms. Cindy told me she stuck the stickers to the backs of Emma's hands so she could feel them sticking to them and then used her hands to peel them off and stick them to the paper. Here is the finished product displayed proudly in the kitchen.

This week's theme at school is Prehistoric Days. Emma's teachers weave the theme into her daily activities. Today, Ms. Cindy told us that Emma loved it when the other babies growled like dinosaurs; her eyes would get so big! As part of the sensory stimulation, Emma learned opposites...hard and soft. Ms. Cindy gave her a plastic dinosaur and a plush lizard to touch and play with.

Emma is learning sign language and they practiced the sign for "more." A lesson for me in on my to do list for the AM...as I don't know the sign to reiterate at home :)

Tomorrow night is Mad Science Night and we are going to take Emma to the gymnasium to see all the other kids making lemon soap, performing science experiments and growing plants!

It makes me so happy to know that we made the right choice for Emma's care and development and it does make it a bit easier to walk out the door every morning knowing that her teachers really do care about her and love to snuggle and spoil her!

Hope you have a great week too!

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