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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Big Personality

For our friends and family that live outside of St. Louis here are some videos of Emma. She is growing up so fast. I can't believe she will be 9 months in one week. Rett and I just watched a video of her first bath that I gave her in the NICU. She was so tiny, so dependent, and now as you will see in these videos she is developing her own personality and getting so big!

She is fascinated by her thumbs. She does this thumb thing on all surfaces- her high chair, her toys, my leg, etc.

As she begins to get more vocal she is also blowing raspberries...she will do this on her own and out of response to someone doing it to her.

I was out of town for work at the end of August and Emma got sick and Rett had to bring her home from school early. However after one dose of Tylenol and a quick nap...she didn't appear sick at all.

A fancy eating trick...

Emma loves to pat her belly, especially when she is just in her diaper on her changing table.

Rett said he would give Emma $20 if she would sleep through the entire night. She had a few nights in a row that she was waking up around 2:00 AM because she couldn't find her Binky as well as caught a tummy virus. Well, she did it! And here is the video of us demanding the "monies" from Daddy. (P.S. Daddy, you still owe her $20!)

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