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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall is in the Air

What beautiful weather we have had in St. Louis these last few weeks! And we have more than weather to celebrate...on Monday I had my one year mammogram and the results came back clear! Here's to one year and many, many more!

Surprisingly I wasn't as nervous for the mammogram and check-up with my surgeon as I was for my annual woman's health exam as I previously posted about. It is a bit harder to be emotional when you are standing in a robe with your breast squeezed into a pancake on a plate of a machine.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so please encourage all your loved ones to do monthly self exams and get their mammograms every year without delay. I can truly testify to the importance of early detection.

Emma continues to do very well. She has her 9 month check-up in a couple of weeks and although she is still petite, she is right on track with her development. I keep telling her that she will enjoy being petite when she is older.

Emma's favorite things right now are:
  • Babbling to her toys
  • Saying "Dada"
  • Sitting Up
  • Practicing on standing from sitting position
  • Playing the piano on the iPad
  • Making raspberries with her mouth
  • Feeding herself snacks
  • Trying new foods (eggs, black beans, string cheese)
  • The color yellow, especially her yellow ball
  • Playing with her friends at the big table at school
  • Smiling for the camera
  • Car rides
  • Experimenting with tones and volume of her voice
  • Soldier crawling on the floor to the hardwood and then slapping the hardwood floor
  • Jumping in jumperoo
  • Being the center of attention
  • Singing to music
  • Playing with the makeup mirror while mommy is putting her makeup on
  • Giving open mouth kisses
  • Pounding Sophie on the highchair tray
  • Swimming and splashing in her bathtub
I finally broke in the golf clubs and have been out 2 times in the past week. I love it! It is so peaceful to be outside on a gorgeous afternoon only caring about what tree and sand trap I need to avoid. That country club membership is looking better and better the more I play! Now just need to find Emma a set of toy clubs so she can work on her swing!

We are taking Emma to her first Rams game tomorrow. Uncle Taylor will have to teach her how to catch the football next season.

Here are some photos over the last month.

8 Months Old!

Pretty Ballerina

Loving the camera

Sitting in Papa's Chair

With Papa in his special room
Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall!
Jenna, Rett and Emma

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