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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Emma turns 9 Months Old!

On October 8th you turned 9 months old! I can't believe how fast you are growing up! I wish I could freeze time right now as this has truly been my favorite stage of your development. Your personality is shining and everyday you seem to discover something new.

We went to see your doctor and you have grown 10" since you were born...you are now 27" tall. You have almost gained 11 lbs as you now weigh in at 14 lbs and 7 oz. You are still petite - around the 1 percentile- but you are right on track. You started crawling in the last week or so, clapping your hands and you call everything "dada."

crazy tights

check out my adorable gold shoes...thanks, Miss Annalise

You went to your first Rams game. The Rams played the Redskins and although they lost you experienced your first NFL game! I give the Rams fans a hard time (coming from Kansas City) when it comes to cheering on their team as usually the Dome is not very loud. Emma, you would beg to differ as you started to cry when we first walked in. You then settled down, watched some plays, ate some Puffs and then took a nap. Yes, you went from crying to perfectly content. We have a football fan!
Go Rams!

Cutest fan ever!

Mizzou is celebrating its 100th Homecoming today and to show your Tiger spirit...MIZ! You will be pomping, serenading, chanting at skit night and giving blood in just 18 years!

You have been to two of your friends birthday parties this month. Kannon turned three and Jetta turned one. You were a ballerina and enjoyed playing at the park. You also wished you could have eaten cupcakes with Jetta.
The Tiger and the Ballerina

Happy birthday, Kannon!

Happy birthday, Jetta!

Mommy bought you a jeans jacket. Paired with your black leggings all you need is a Burberry scarf and you are set for London! Santa?? Mumsy??

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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