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Saturday, September 8, 2012

20 Months Old!

Emma is getting so big and she is definitely further defining her personality.
  • Emma says about 60-75 words
  • She is beginning to put 2-3 words together in certain phrases
  • She will "raise the roof" when Luke Bryan is on the radio
  • She likes salsa, olives, potato salad and sea salt/vinegar chips...who is this girl?
  • She tells us when she has pooped (potty training is close)
  • She gives squeezes (these are hugs with a big grunt attached to them)
  • She continues to love the water and woke up asking to go on the boat today (too bad we were in STL)
  • Emma's best friend is Lulu. She is constantly on the phone with Lulu and wants to "Row Row" with Lulu (this means she wants to sing Row Row Row Your Boat and see Lulu on the stream)
  • Emma always has a stuffed animal or baby doll in her arms (they get squeezes too)
  • She can say almost all of the letters of the alphabet
  • Everything is the color yellow; if we say it isn't, then it is automatically pink
  • She loves putting coins in her piggy bank
  • She loves anything outside

She will points at the bugs and say "bug, bug!"

watching Baby First TV Channel in mommy's bed

Horsey park!

she sees something she likes...

Emma, Will and Will's girlfriend

Grandpa with Emma and Will

Birthday picnic

all the STL cousins

love all the expressions

do you see her?
all bumped and bruised...

but it didn't slow her down...

Too Sweet Tiger from Dee Dee and Papa

She has discovered how to pick her nose

Too Sweet Tiger is a great wrestling partner

Cutest Rams Cheerleader in STL

Perfectly posed

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