30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


October is quickly approaching. October is one of my favorite months. It is officially Fall; it is pumpkin season; it is the time of year of red and orange leaves; it is Oktoberfest; it is football; it is crisp mornings; it is afternoons of sun and clear skies.

However it means something else to me now too...it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is the month of pink ribbons; it is the month of breast cancer education; it is the month to remind friends, co-workers and family to get their mammograms; it is the month to highlight the importance of self breast exams; it is the month to love PINK!

I learned of my breast cancer in late August 2010 and October was right there to show support of me and the other 280,000 women that would be diagnosed within the year in the United States.

October gets me thinking. It reminds me of my journey to beating this disease. It reminds me of the ups and downs. It reminds me of my miracle baby and it reminds me of the journey I still have ahead of me. I will achieve my 5 year golden star in March 2016. But that is quite some ways down the road. I will be 35 turning 36; will have been a wife for 12 years and a mom for 5 years. It means around 1245 more pills and 20 more months of growing my hair out 5 more inches. (Unfortunately my hair is only growing about .5" a month but we end up trimming about .25" in order to keep it "styled.")

This October is no different. I will head back to Missouri Baptist Hospital for my mammogram and my annual appointment with my OBGYN. I will sit in the waiting room of the Breast Health Center with survivors and future survivors and reflect on the journey I have taken.

Relive my journey below with photos I have never posted before nor shared with anyone outside of family and very close friends. Here's to another fabulous October!


Turning 30...June 2010

Announcing we are pregnant...July 2010

In Boston...July 2010

Family weekend after learning of my diagnosis...Late August 2010

Wig Shopping...early September 2010
Enjoying the short time I had with my thick pregnancy hair...Mid September 2010

Thinning hair; the day I had to shave it all off...Late September 2010
About 5 minutes after the photo above

Shaved head...about 2 minutes after the above photo.

With wig...about 5 minutes after the above photo.
Out in public with my wig for the first time...about 60 minutes after the above photo

Hair continues to fall out...October 2010
Right after giving birth...January 2011

Starting to grow back...May 2011
At the STL Komen Race...June 2011

Starting to go wigless and scarfless around family and close friends...July 2011

First time in public without wig...Thanksgiving 2011
Slowly continues to grow...Easter 2012


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