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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Emma 2.5 years+

Here are some miscellaneous photos from my iPhone from Summer through early winter 2013.

love kissing on those cheeks

watching Cars or Toy Story or Bugs Life

working with daddy

potty incentive...not working too well

playing in the rain

bubble machine at school

she loves bubbles- we bought her a machine for home

she hung all her binkies on the knobs

big fan of Doc McStuffins


snuggling with her new northern friend

drinking from a big girl glass

bathing beauty

really getting into being a good mommy

fav food truck

helping in the flower beds

our fashion model in the making
went through 2 week obsession on this dress...it was purple and had a "twirly skirt"

purple dress again

and again

trying to hide with her iPad


pretending to drive herself to gymnastics

going on my work trip with me

made yellow in the potty!

remember the binkies...now with hangers

how she laid them out to prep for above

the Clubhouse gang

next stages to big girl room and bed

my Disney princess

her Hello Kitty book for her notes
at Disney on Ice

Mickey in tow

waving to Snow White

when her obsession with Snow White began

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