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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Summer at the Lake

We had another great summer at the Lake. We treated ourselves to an  Aqua Lily Pad...amazing times for kids and adults! Emma was so brave and would run across it! She even got Brecken in on the fun during their visit. Here are pictures from May to August.

First trip of the season...Happy Memorial Day!

playing at the pool...look mom, no diaper!

we recorded Happy Birthday for Avery!

Grandpa Jones and Mare Mare


Playing on the beach

Driving the Emma Rose

Ms. Captain Oesch

Getting ready for no shave November

Adult weekend at the Lake!

in jammies at airport waiting for the arrival of Uncle Taylor, Aunt Aubree and Brecken

rough boat ride...crazy hair!

feeding the duckies

me and bro

me and Rett
me and Aubree...I love selfies!

asleep at the wheel

on the back of the Emma Rose

love this!

our little fish

Emma's first bachelorette party

more Lily Pad fun

girls weekend with Linds and Nat
Great fun in the sun! The Emma Rose is no longer in the family. Dad got an amazing offer; one he couldn't refuse and was deep down relieved he wouldn't have the maintenance of cleaning, gassing, winterizing and housing at the marina...as he says, "I am getting way too old for this stuff!"
She provided amazing memories but she will not be the last boat I blare and karaoke Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas off the back in the middle of a Missouri summer!
Oh and by the way, we have not told Emma that her namesake (as she says "my boat") has been sold. We will cross that bridge when we have to!
Here's to the Lake Summer 14!


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