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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why does Monsanto do what it does?

Because our goal is to provide enough food for everyone.

The world's population continues to grow faster than our ability to feed it. In the next fifty years, the collective we, will have to produce more food than it did in the past 10,000 years combined. It’s one of the greatest challenges facing humankind and it’s one Monsanto is directly working to help solve.

We think everyone living in our biggest cities to the sub-Saharan plains of Africa deserves access to sufficient food options, both now and in the future. I was in a Leadership Class in St. Louis this past year and we had the age old chicken and egg debate: does lack of education lead to poverty? does poverty lead to crime? does lack of nutrition lead to lack of focus on education? It is a cycle that needs to be broken to create productive communities.

Here is a heartwarming video on our efforts in Sub-Sahara Africa to provide drought tolerant seeds to farmers: http://discover.monsanto.com/growing-population/

We’re also working with farmers to ensure our growing population has access to affordable, abundant protein – the milk, eggs and meat you find in the grocery store. It’s a commitment to nourishing solutions. From the farm, all the way to the fork.

At Monsanto we think it is possible to make fruits and veggies that inspire us to eat healthier. We’re collaborating with consumers and shoppers to make eating fruits and vegetables more enjoyable. Because when they’re more enjoyable, people are more likely to reach for a cherry tomato instead of a bag of chips.

Check out this amazing story Wired Magazine featured in January. The photography alone is worth the trip to their site!

So next time you are at your grocery store of choice, please check your produce aisles for these amazing products!

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