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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Discover Monsanto: What is Monsanto?

We are a fortune 500 company that prides itself to be solely focused on agriculture and its sustainability. This means we are 100% dedicated to agriculture. Producing better performing products that require less resources to feed our global increasing population. We are the ONLY company among our competitors that can and does focus all resources and R&D to this mission.

However we are not alone in the space. Competition is needed to keep us motivated to research more, discover more and place more future technologies in our pipeline. Without competition you lose your sense of drive. Our main competitors are DuPont Pioneer, Syngenta, Dow, and Bayer Crop Science.

We are first and foremost a company that delivers seeds for a variety of fruits, vegetables and field corn, soybeans, cotton, alfalfa, canola, and sorghum. This provides nutritious meals for cows, pigs and chickens. This helps create the clothing you wear on a daily basis.

We use breeding and biotechnology to create seeds that grow into stronger, more resilient crops that require fewer resources. This allows our US farmers and those across the globe, produce more yield while using less of our precious resources...like water.

At any stage of plant development, plants are threatened by pests, weather, weeds and disease. We analyze these issues to create solutions to help protect plant healthy and minimize the environment's impact. Liken this to your flower garden or your vegetable garden in your backyard. Your plants need rain to survive the hot, dry summer. If you live in Arizona, the flowers and plants you choose to spend your money on are adapted to the dry heat environment...they are more tolerable to drought. Or your rose bushes. If you have seen what I have seen this year, the insects are eating every part of the leaf they can find. This limits the plants ability for photosynthesis, weakening the plant's health.

In our vegetable business we combine traditional breeding with modern techniques to create more vibrant and flavorful veggies that help farmers better withstand nature’s challenges.

We have just entered more aggressively into the data arena. We share real-time weather and field data with our farmers to help them make the best real-time decisions throughout the growing season. 

And we continually give back to our communities in which we live and work in. Two years ago the Monsanto Fund gave back $31M across the world. And every year through employee donations, matches and volunteer hours, Monsanto gives around $24M back to the organizations that are nearest and dearest to us, the employees.

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