30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CAUTION- Roadblocking Cancer Ahead!

Today was my 10th chemo treatment. We had a construction theme (hard hats and vests are abundant with three engineers and a paving & concrete business owner in the family)!

As I get closer and closer to the mid-point in my treatment, I am so proud of how "hard at work" Rett and I, my doctors, nurses, family, and friends have been to fight and roadblock the breast cancer! It has been quite a journey since August 24th and we have made fabulous progress on the tumor as well as creating and giving a healthy life to our precious child.

So today we celebrated that!

Angela, Matt, Jenna, Dad, Rett and Rett on duty to roadblock cancer

Foreman Jenna directing the countdown- only 6 more left!
We had a great tour of the Labor & Delivery floor at Missouri Baptist. I have a much better idea of where to go when it is showtime. We will have a LDR room (Labor, Delivery, Recovery room) and then be transferred into a patient room. Rett found the nourishment centers (free drinks and snacks) so he was able to check that off his list! Now I just need to pre-register...I can't believe I haven't done that yet! :)

Next up - yes, it was a long day, was our 32 week ultrasound and check-up with Dr. Smith. Emma is weighing in a 4 pounds 1 oz and is back up into the 50th percentile! Her growth is right on track and her heart rate is a beautiful 133 bpm.

Emma has hair! It will definitely be a race between mom and daughter to see who can grow the full head of hair first! The fuzzy looking lines that the arrows are pointing to is her hair.

She is waving hi!

Such a lady with her ankles crossed...look at that tiny little foot!
We will continue with every 2 weeks appointments and then switch to weeklies around week 36!


  1. Way to GROW Emma! I know you've been worried about her growth, so I'm so glad she's packing on the pounds! Can't wait to see you again Saturday!

  2. I am a friend of Cara's and came across your story. I find your situation & outlook to be so inspiring. Just thought I would let you know, I visit your blog often to see how you're doing. Hang in there! The Gilberts are pulling for you! And I LOVE the themes... certainly not the dismal, sad chemo treatments I recall my Dad going through. All the best!

  3. i love this construction theme!! and CONGRATS on baby emma's early arrival!