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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Only 4 Chemo Treatments Left Before Surgery

We are about to hit another huge milestone in my cancer treatment. I only have 4 more chemo treatments before my surgery!!!

I gave birth to Emma on Saturday (the 8th) and was back in the cancer infusion center on Tuesday (the 11th) getting my regular Taxol treatment as well as adding Herceptin, a drug I couldn't have when I was carrying Emma. By being able to add this drug now for these last treatments I will be able to take off 6 weeks of chemo on the backend, post surgery. Therefore Dr. Lyss believes I will be done with my chemo treatments by Christmas 2011. It is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for.

We celebrated last week's treatment with "Give Cancer the Boot" theme:
Cowboy and Cowgirl

With Mom and Dad and the little boots for Emma!

Only 5 more treatments left
This treatment had a different feeling to it because all I could focus on was getting done with my infusion and back upstairs to my little girl. I was so anxious to get through it so I could go back up and hold her and feed her.

This past Tuesday we kicked off the treatment with the theme "Cooking up a Cure":
Rett made us Chef hats!

Rett, me and Jan
Only 4 more treatments left!

I met with my surgeon, Dr. Yazdi,  yesterday and we are set for a lumpectomy and axillary lymph node dissection on March 8th. It will be about a 2 hour surgery and will require one night in the hospital. He believes my full recovery will take about 6 weeks however I will be out of commission for 2 weeks and not able to drive. As I near about 4 weeks post surgery I will begin physical therapy as well as radiation and the rest of my chemotherapy. It will be a long road ahead but I am looking forward to getting all of this done and putting the cancer chapter behind me so I can focus on my precious little Emma.


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