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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ring Ching!

In celebration of MO Alpha Work Week coming to a close and the start of a great Rush Week, here are some photos of our future Missouri Alpha Pi Phis and a couple of their suitors.

Our group is definitely expanding and it isn't as easy to schedule get-togethers. But we were able to plan a BBQ at the end of July. We made it a family affair...that totalled 19 people! And since it was blistering hot, we had people scattered all over the house but we loved every minute of it!

I created a crafts table for the kids and they had a great time with it and all of Emma's toys. The older kids even took all of Emma's stuffed animals and put them in her crib for a surprise come night time. Rett BBQ'd his (becoming) famous ribs and chicken wings. Ryan and he even discussed opening their own BBQ business...that was short lived! Who knows, maybe it will happen!

Here are some great pics from the day!
The crafts table; Ready for everyone to arrive.

Can't believe we pulled this off...even Baby Lucy was a trooper!

All the MO Alphas and their precious babies!

love this expression as she looks around as everyone is packing up

saying goodbye to their friends.

giving hugs...next up the secret handshake


  1. Adorable! Wish we lived closer so Ella could party with all the PiPhi babes!