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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quick trip to KC

We headed to Kansas City for a visit with mom, Dee Dee and Papa and to attend the wedding of Jen and Chris.
all dressed up for the wedding

It was a jam packed weekend, but we still managed to sneak a trip to Nell Hills. Surprisingly, I walked out with zero purchases...not sure how that happened.

Emma was so intrigued in cleaning off mom's deck of all leaves. She would pick them up one by one and then walk to the edge and throw them over to the yard.

giving herself a hand

getting more leaves from Papa

getting serious and into her work

Emma had on a poppy orange dress so I took the opportunity to take some photos with Poppies at Dee Dee and Papa's house.

We took Emma to Penguin Park. This is the park we grew up with and even my parents had when growing up. Although you can't go up in the Penguin anymore (and who would want to, it smelled so bad), it was still fun to see Emma run around and explore and even walk on a balance beam for the first time!

spotting the Penguin for the first time


my little gymnast in the making!

she did well even on the skinny part

we took these pictures for cousin Will as he is way into school buses right now!

Emma and Mumsy saying "bye-bye"

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