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Saturday, August 11, 2012

We call her Chip

Yep, just like Chip in Beauty and the Beast.

Emma was dancing at school and got so excited she lost her balance and fell forward to chip her front tooth. So off to the dentist we went. I had been needing to do this (apparently they are to go when they turn one- who knew?).

After some exploration of the office, she was not so happy to have her teeth examined nor cleaned, but  then she received her bag of goodies and a balloon and all tears stopped.

Oh yeah, and her friend Elmo was there. Why is it that every kid loves Elmo?!

The dentist didn't do anything for the chip as they prefer not to mess around too much with the baby teeth. She said it wasn't dead but it may discolor or maybe even fall out earlier than the others.

For now we call her Chip!

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