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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Finish Line

Dear Family and Friends,

We are rounding the final corner and the finish line is in sight! Jenna has been on her journey to beat breast cancer since August 2010. Next Tuesday (December 20th) is Jenna’s last chemo treatment ever! It begins at 8 am and will probably go until about 9:30 am. We wanted to invite anyone who would like to stop by and join us at the Cancer Center at Missouri Baptist Hospital. With the finish line in sight it only makes sense that the theme of Jenna’s final Chemo will be Race Day. Wear your best race/workout gear to help celebrate crossing the finish line of this marathon.

We want to say how thankful we are for everyone’s support, thoughts, and prayers during this time. Everyone has helped to make this journey easier for Jenna, Emma, and myself. With the holidays approaching, we want to give back to others that have just begun a journey and they need help and encouragement to cross their finish line.

If you choose, please bring a new pair of baby or kids shoes to Chemo and Jenna and I will make sure that they get donated to an appropriate charity to help someone else start and finish their race. Hope you can stop by on the 20th.


Rett, Jenna and Emma

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