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Friday, December 30, 2011

Ringing a Bell Never Felt So Good!

Tuesday, December 20th is a day that I will never forget! It was my last chemo treatment ever. After 16 months of chemotherapy this day was an emotional day for me, my family and friends and the nurses that I have become so close with. Thank you to everyone for all of the support you have provided me this year and half...it will never be forgotten. And with modern technology of Skype, my mom and grandparents were able to "be there" with me at the end!

Here's how we celebrated the finish line!

Sporting the Team Jenna shirt

last treatment finished

Mary was one of my nurses throughout

so happy to begin to look past breast cancer

ringing the bell to signify the end of treatments!

Kris was my very first nurse and we grew very close

thanks for donating over 15 pairs of shoes for others to reach their finish line
The toughest part of my journey is complete. Chemo done. Surgery done. Radiation done.

Now onto the important proactive stuff. I still have a daily pill, Tamoxifen,  that I take in order to block the estrogen in my body as my breast cancer was hormone receptor-positive. I will continue to take this for a little more than 4 more years. I will continue to have follow-up doctor's appointments and twice annual mammograms. For now I will keep my port in until we decide I am in the clear and can have it removed...until then, I will have to maintain it with regular flushes.

Remember to remind your loved ones to get an annual exam up until 40 years of age and then schedule mammograms yearly. Being proactive is the way to beat breast cancer!

Love, Jenna

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  1. jenna, you are amazing, and you look amazing (your hair is darling!). i got choked up looking at the pictures of you and emma leaving the treatment center. what a year you've had, and wishing you the most health and happiness in the next one! xo