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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Play Dates and Less Playing in the Crib

We went to the Gerhardt's for fondue a week ago and Emma and Elle loved playing together. I only took a couple of photos, but Emma loved to play with Elle's feet when Elle was in the jumperoo. They have a cat and this was Emma's first time around a kitty (although we sing about them on the school bus all the time) and she did not like being on the ground when Mahalo would run by. However, she enjoyed being in mom's arms high above the ground and would spy on the kitty.

Emma was such a great girl and went to sleep in the pack n play so mommy and dad could have an adult night out!

i love this...everything goes into their mouths

So, fondue was Friday night and Saturday morning we woke up to a baby girl standing in her crib. Therefore our chore at 6AM was to lower the bed.
Watch it all unfold.

Emma's nursery is decorated with lambs (as we call them "lambies") and lately she has been obsessed with them. Every morning we tell every lambie good morning. Good morning to the lambies in the mobile; good morning to the lambies on the wall, etc.

We love you, baby girl!
Mommy and Daddy

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