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Monday, February 7, 2011

Such a Big Girl!

I can't believe that Emma will be one month old tomorrow. Time really does fly!

On Friday, our at home nurse came by to check on Emma and she weighed in at 5 lbs 9 oz (this is 2 lbs and 1 oz more than her lowest in the hospital)! She continues to grow and develop right on track.

She is tracking with her eyes more and more everyday. She will stare directly into your eyes when you look at her. She loves looking at the artwork we have around the house, especially the poster I have framed from Memphis in May from my college days.
Emma gazes at the artwork for minutes upon minutes.

Here is the colorful artwork she likes the most.

She has discovered her hands and is starting to understand that they are attached to her body and that she controls them. She will help me hold her bottle, hold her burp cloth, soothe herself by placing her hands near her mouth and she is beginning to reach out to toys during her playmat time. She even plays with her ears like her Uncle Taylor. We call her "Houdini" as no matter how tight she is swaddled she will work to get her hands free, even if it means getting her arm out of her sleeve of her outfit!
First discovering her hands.

Feeling around with her hands.

Beginning to grasp and play with her toys.

I have started introducing different textures to Emma so she can feel them on her fingers and her cheeks. She loves the soft and silky ones the best- but who wouldn't!? After a couple of weeks of being home, I have begun to learn all of her sounds. Emma will groan when she is eating and wants more, she will sigh out of contentness, she will "laugh" when she is happy and playing and she will only give out one little yelp when she is hungry or needs a change. We have been blessed with a very happy baby; she is sleeping from 8:30 PM to 8:30 AM and wakes only for feedings.
Snuggling with a soft pink blanket.

Happy girl after her bottle.

Emma is really developing the muscles in her neck and has begun to prop her head on her hands and strike a pose.

Daddy and Emma cuddling after a feeding.

On Sunday, Emma was cheering on the Steelers for a Super Bowl win. Although they didn't win, Emma had fun watching the game with Daddy.
We have a football fan! As you can tell, she is half undressed due to the fact that we had to dash in to see the play!

Here are some other pictures from the week.
Emma and Grandpa Oesch

Emma and Grandma Charlene

Bath time!


  1. I am LOVING that she likes the Memphis in May poster. Great taste Emma! :)

  2. We will all have to take her and all the kids to Beale Street!