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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome Home Emma!

Emma is home! She did such a fantastic job in the NICU and was released after only 2.5 weeks. Rett and I were so excited to bring her home so we could begin our family experiences in the comfort of our own home.

Rett and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary the week she came home...we couldn't have asked for a better gift! Rett was able to take a few days off work so we could enjoy having her home and then my mom came into town this weekend to visit as well as other local friends and family.

The NICU has gotten Emma on a fabulous schedule and routine: she eats every 3 hours, she sleeps in her own crib at night between feedings, she is used to light and noise, and she does a bit of tummy time each day to strengthen her muscles. Because of this great sleeping pattern, mommy has to sneak in some snuggle time but I know that her unstimulated time is needed for her healthy development and growth.

Since Emma is a preemie and we are in the height of flu and RSV season, we have to be very careful with people who visit; we have encouraged all our family to get the flu shot if they haven't, everyone must be 100% healthy and we are currently not allowing other kids to visit. However we can't wait for Emma to meet her cousins.

Rett and I also ventured to our first pediatrician's appointment on Friday. You would think that with how organized I am, I could get myself ready, Emma ready and the diaper bag packed without any issues...boy was I wrong. We had a bottle but no nipple. That makes for a difficult feeding; Walgreen's to the rescue!

Here are some photos from the week:
Her nursery all decked out in little lambs

"E" for Emma...she even got her own stationery this week


Getting the house ready for her Welcome Home

Picking her up from the NICU. She wore home the same outfit I wore home from the hospital.

Emma with some of her wonderful nurses- Cathy, Jamie and Denise

She was very alert as we walked out of the hospital...she knew something was happening!

Peaceful and asleep in her car seat on her way home

Look how tiny she is in her crib!

Sneaking a peak from her bassinet

Tiny piggies

Mumsy and Emma

Emma in her glider

Looks at those cheeks!

This is Emma's second snow storm...the first one she could watch out the back door though.

We have had a great week home and can't wait for many many more!


  1. I'm absolutely thrilled for you guys! Emma is absolutely gorgeous and such a lucky little girl. I'm so glad you're all at home, safe and sound. And what a cute nursery!

  2. Thanks, Betsy. We are so happy to have her home!

  3. Emma Rose is such a beautiful name and she is such a beautiful little baby girl! I see she is enjoying her own little pink blanket. So many people are praying for you and we are so happy that you have your little princess home with you!