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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas #2

We celebrated Christmas with Jan, Rett, Kristen, Davey, Angela and Matt and the kids on Sunday. We had a great time watching Cora play Santa and pass out all of the gifts. Well almost all of them. She would graciously pass out Grandma's, Grandpa's, Emma's, and Will's but she would constantly say "no, no" when a present was for Avery.

She even has a routine when showing off the stockings that hang on her fireplace at home. She will go down the line "Dada's stocking, Mamma's stocking, Cora's stocking, (pause as she walks past the 2nd to last stocking), Bailey's stocking (the dog)." So when someone asks her who's stocking is the one she passed she answers "Not Avery's!"

A lot sure has changed in a year as Cora was the only grandchild at last year's Christmas and now we are blessed to have had Avery and Will with us this year and Emma on the way!

Cora digging into her big bag from Aunt Jenna and Uncle Rett

We gave Cora a Fashionista Barbie with 2 sets of clothes to change into

Cora loves to play in my heels and makeup so I couldn't resist in buying her the Fashionista Barbie and multiple changes of clothes for Christmas. By the end of the night she had Barbie down to just her necklace and heels. (we will let the adults insert their own jokes here).

Kristen sent me a text this morning and Cora had put on a pink boa and said "Just like Aunt Jenna." I can't wait until she is a bit older and I can take her shopping at Justice and all the other fun girly stores at the mall!

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