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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First of the Taxol Chemotherapy

Yesterday was the first day of 12 weekly treatments of chemotherapy with the new drug called Taxol. I slept through the night fairly well considering I had more steroids yesterday than I had with the A/C. However my heartburn was back last night. And I can tell you that this the chemo vs the baby because I received Pepcid as a pre-chemo drug yesterday.

Before chemo, we met with Dr. Lyss, my medical oncologist, for a check up and he had the best news ever! He told us the tumor has shrunk down to the size of a sliver and that my right breast was still clean from any cancerous tumors. Rett and I were so excited that we were high-fiving and fist pumping eachother. And as many of you know I am not really a fan of high fives :)

He reassured us that the chemotherapy is working and that he was working very well especially in a time where my body is full of estrogen (as the tumor is estrogen receptive/fed). What a great way to start the morning!

Then it was chemotherapy time and have no fear we carried our excitement into the infusion center and held a throw back theme party to High School Day! Therefore, here is a shout out to all '98 Winnetonka Griffins, CODASCO Rams, and St Joe's Angels! We relived many memories from Senior Trip to making fun of all the stuff we had on our jackets (achievement pins, really?) to all our t-shirts that mom placed into a blanket for me. We even relived our 2nd Grade class photo from Mrs. Frailey's Chapel Hill class. I have got to say "what were we thinking to the white high-top sneakers (Jenna) and the pastel florally dress (Cara)?"

Tonka Griffins! Showing off our 4-year letters! Cara, where are your medals?
Oh to be back in my Medium sized coat again. Dad sporting the Griffins as we have no Oak Park apparel in the house.

Molly showing off her St Joe's class ring.

Don't worry, Rett had a wardrobe change about every 45 minutes ranging from letter jacket to State Champion football t-shirt to of course, #52 football jersey!
Thanks to Cara, Molly and my Dad for coming with me. A big thanks to Rett for always being there for me in more ways that I can even describe. I love you all!

ONLY 11 MORE TREATMENTS LEFT UNTIL WE MEET EMMA! (By the way, we announced to our family our Baby girl's name will be Emma this weekend!)

Hugs to all,


  1. A RIOT! I love it. I should have come and represented...my jacket is hanging at my moms.

  2. YEA CODASCO!!!! Super fun! Didn't know Rett went there!