30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Team Jenuity!

I completed my 7th chemotherapy round on Tuesday. Which means I only have 9 more to go until Emma arrives...I can't believe I am down to single digits, just 9 weeks until our precious baby girl is born.

I was so humbled to have many of my co-workers join me at my chemotherapy session. We had such the crowd and had a great time catching up outside of work that we had to be politely reminded we were in a hospital. We lucked out however that the infusion center was not as crowded as it typically is on Tuesday mornings.

As many of you know, the brand that I manage at Monsanto is Genuity. I worked on this brand while I was still at Momentum and then for a year and a half now at Monsanto. I love Genuity! Apologies upfront to our trademark attorneys, but for fun my team took the liberty of creating "Team Jenuity" t-shirts.

Thank you again to everyone who came to support me and keep my mind off the actual chemo infusion. I will never be able to put into words what the continued love and support means to me and to Rett.

The side effects continue to be less of an issue when compared to the first set of drugs. However I continue to be extra thirsty (my pink thermos is always by my side) and experience some blurred vision and headaches. The new side effect is bloody noses. I really don't know whether it is a side effect of the cold, dry weather, pregnancy or chemo...but it is not fun!

Until next week,


  1. that's so awesome that your coworkers came to support you! i'm thrilled that you have so much support - and i LOVE team jenuinty! how perfect!! look at your cute baby bump!! keep fightin - you're almost there!

  2. ooops! i spelled jenuity wrong :)