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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Husband's Perspective: Volume 2

Hello everyone again. This message is coming from the deer stand. One thing people who don't sit in tree stand for hours on end won't understand is that it gives you a lot of time to relax and think about things. A lot has happened since my first post. We finished our first 4 rounds of chemo and the baby is doing great. We walked in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walks in Kansas City and St. Louis and Team Jenna's across the country raised more than $20,000. That number still blows me away every time that hear it. It honestly was amazing how many people donated and walked with us. It also was eye opening to see how many people showed up to walk, volunteer, and donate at these events. There are so many people affected by Breast Cancer that I have found through this process and from all of the stories that I have heard it is so encouraging to hear how many people live a normal life after going through the process that myself, Jenna, and our Baby Girl are going through. No doubt it is a long road though. My Mom always used to tell me don't wish your life away but going through this it is really hard not to. I want this next round of chemo to be over so our baby girl will be here. I want her here because that means Jenna can have surgery move onto radiation and finish the last round of chemo and be done with this huge bump in our plan and get onto bigger and better things like starting our family and watching our daughter grow up. However this is not the plan God set for us but I think he is already showing us why. Some of the nurses at the infusion center where Jenna gets her treatment have said that Jenna and her friend Jodie (see previous post about the Crazy Chemo Lady) have changed the way other patients view that place. The first day Jenna walked in there she started crying and wanted to get out of there as quick as she could. Now when other patients see us in our Hawaiian shirts or Mizzou gear having a good time and getting through this it gives them hope. It gives me hope too seeing how everyone has supported us. Anyone is welcome to come to treatments with us. They typically are on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am. I know it’s hard to stop by during work but even if it’s for just 30 minutes I know Jenna will really appreciate it. We typically have a theme so feel free to email me or Jenna if you are going to make it so you can join in the festivities. Once again thank you to everyone for your support, thoughts, prayers, cards, meals etc. You all are helping us get through this.


P.S. - Here is an action shot from the weekend and yes that is a beard.

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