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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We Might Have a Drama Queen on Our Hands

Yesterday we had our 26 week ultrasound with Dr. Smith. We were so lucky to have both of our moms attend with us so they could see how Baby E was developing and growing so quickly. It was a very special morning for all of us. Rett and I are getting pretty spoiled with the ultrasounds...this is our 5th one. (Another silver lining to having breast cancer and going through chemotherapy! I gotta keep finding these!)

I will never be able to thank Dr. Smith enough for all the love and care she has provided me, Rett and Baby E. She is thorough and loving and caring and I know that I am in great hands.

A 3D capture of Baby E's face and right side.
Now down to business. Baby E is now 1lb and 14 oz which puts her in the 50th percentile (right on track). Her little heart is beating perfectly at 167 bpm. Her kidneys, stomach, spine, and head all look great. I learned yesterday that babies practice their breathing from time to time. This is not a task they do all of the time but just when they feel up to it and we got to see Baby E practice with her lungs yesterday on the ultrasound. I think it is amazing and a miracle how a "little person" (as my grandpa calls babies) knows exactly how to grow and develop so they can survive outside the womb and that it is all done in just about 40 weeks.

Drama Queen. Here is where she kept placing her hand on her forehead.
My friend, Kara, sent us an animal print hat with a bow on it and the card read: "Just a little something to prepare for the drama little girls bring." Her instincts were right on! We must have woken Baby E up from a nap because she yawned for us a couple of times and then right before us placed her tiny little hand on her forehead as if to say "Mom, I'm tired and with all the poking and prodding I can't sleep! I don't want to perform for you right now!"

She is positioned with her head around my belly button, her rear end on my left side (her boney butt is hard sometimes) and her feet are pointed right up and under my ribcage. Thank goodness she is still a bit too small to kick me too hard!

Bring on the drama! I can't wait to be a mom and meet my precious princess!
Mom (Jenna)

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