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Saturday, November 13, 2010

No More Steroids!

Tonight I took my last steroid pill. Hell yeah! During the A/C treatments I had 4 days of post-chemotherapy steroid pill popping. At first, I really enjoyed these four days. My body was on a high; it was artificially stimulated and kept my energy running to get me through the week.

However, this last week on the steroids was not the same. The insomnia was out of control and my energy was non-existent and I am happy to be done with the highs and lows of the steroids. Plus, blessed to not have as many drugs entering my system as Baby Oesch continues to develop and grow.

With the Taxol, the next chemotherapy drug, I will receive steroids and anti-nausea medicine only directly before the treatment. Another hurdle crossed.

Today was a great day. I am nesting more and more. Today, I got the coat closet switched out with our winter coats. And I cleaned out the closet in the nursery to make room for baby's clothes. I got a great jump on Christmas shopping; figured I should do what I can when I feel good.

Tomorrow, our nephew, Will, gets baptized and we are so happy to celebrate with him and his parents, Angela and Matt.

Hope you all are having a great weekend as well!

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