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Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Are You Thankful For?

Rett and I have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Some serious and others funny for your entertainment!
1.      Family and friends that have been very supportive and loving and that will make a fool out of themselves at chemo theme days
2.      My team of doctors for moving so quickly to get me into the best treatment plan (for me and Baby E)
3.      Nurses, staff and volunteers at Cancer Infusion Center
4.      God, the creator of new life and protector of all
5.      Rett’s health and my path back to it
6.      Healthy Baby E
7.      Supportive companies and co-workers at Monsanto and Power Engineers
8.      Tums
9.      Rett letting me sleep on more than 50% of the King sized bed to get comfy at night
10.   The Pregnancy Pillow
11.   The Wig Shoppe
12.   Freedom and all of those that serve to protect it daily
13.   Fat Free French Vanilla Coffee Mate & Dunkin Donuts Coffee
14.   That Rett found his wedding ring
15.   Overhead transmission power lines (call Rett @ Power Engineers for all your design needs)
16.   El Matador soft tacos (my pregnancy craving)
17.   Our beautiful home
18.   Supporters of the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen and all cancer research
19.   Kind neighbors
20.   Foot massages
21.   “Kitchen” water (we should really bottle our water)
22.   Football season
23.   Blackberry friendly blankets (AKA The Snuggie)
24.   Corn Earworm (we have the best Genuity trait for you!)
25.   Nightlights so I can see the path to the bathroom every 3 hours at night
26.   United Healthcare/Monsanto Insurance
27.   Spicy Chilean red wines
28.   Farmers for putting food on the table, clothes on our backs and fuel in our cars
29.   Social Media (how else would we get this list out in mass communication form?)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! We love you.
Jenna and Rett

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  1. I second the motion on #10!! And of course we are most thankful for you guys :) xoxo. A & T.